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How to Use Local Search Marketing to Your Advantage

google-bing-yahoo-logosAt Online Market Domination, we know figuring out the right marketing strategy for your business can be complex. That’s why we take pride in putting together resources to enable you to put your business in the best possible position to bring in new clients and returning customers with your marketing strategy.

In this article, Online Market Domination looks at how to use local search marketing to your advantage.

Update Your Website

The importance of websites for local businesses is clear. Search results, online reviews, or display ads contain limited information and often link back to your website, where more detailed information is available. For those businesses that do have a website but fail to maintain it or let it remain static may be just as bad as not having one. Outdated or inaccurate information frustrates consumers and risks losing valuable customers to another company.

Ask Customers to Provide Positive Reviews

While some businesses shy away from online reviews because of the fear that complainers are more vocal and likely to leave reviews, studies have found that 80% of customers posted reviews as the result of a positive experience with a business. Therefore, local businesses are missing a huge opportunity for positive exposure, content, and reviews, all of which impact SEO and ranking for your local business. Do searches on your own business to find which sites with reviews pull up.

Highlight What Consumers Value About Local Businesses

Consumers value local businesses for quality. They overwhelmingly choose local businesses over national chains for providing personalized service, delivering quality work, treating customers fairly, and being reliable in delivering a product or service as promised. Each of these business traits represents a competitive advantage local businesses have over those with larger, more recognizable brand names. One way to highlight these traits is to include language in search results that communicates them.

Online Market Domination Is Here to Help

Call the experienced professionals at Online Market Domination to get started on your marketing strategy today. You can reach us at (847) 238-2768.

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3 Things to Know About Mobile Marketing

IMG_1116If there’s one solid argument we could make in regards to your internet presence, it’s that you need to have a website that remains dynamic and responsive on all platforms. No matter the device, your website needs to be visible and easy to navigate; being mobile-friendly is a huge component of internet marketing.

What is Mobile Marketing?

In short, mobile marketing is marketing done via mobile device. That means your mobile website is user-friendly, ranks high in search engine results, and is varied in content. Mobile marketing is absolutely the way to approach a younger, varied audience as well as the business professionals and even retirees who have adopted smartphone technology. Mobile marketing is not something to ignore.

How does a mobile site rank with search engines?

The fact of the matter is, your mobile site has the potential to skyrocket to the top of search results and rankings. Your site can rank well with search engines if you’re creating fresh, innovative, and informative content. If your business is a great resource through the mobile platform, you’re fated to rank well!

Finally, how do I make this happen?

The key to having a mobile site that has all of these characteristics is to have great content. Sales can immensely boost if you’re producing great content and have an internet marketing team that knows your audience: a marketing team that can create a mobile site that represents your brand while bringing in consistent revenue.

Enlist a Team to Help You Dominate

Don’t go any longer with your internet marketing without taking into account the mobile aspect. It is an avenue that your business needs to take into account in order to dominate! With Online Market Domination, you can do that. Enlist our team to boost your mobile marketing now. (847) 238-2768.


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