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Organically Building Your Brand: Content Marketing on LinkedIn

Organically Building Your Brand: Content Marketing on LinkedIn

LinkedIn has many marketing tools that can be used to grow your business. Using these tools to raise awareness for your business, its credibility, and its impact will put you on the path to building your brand in an organic way. Here is a brief guide on some of these tools and how they work.

LinkedIn Company Page

Catch the eye of your prospective customers with a Company Page. It should be a place where you can engage your target audience with things relevant to them such as links to your best white papers, e-books, case studies, how-to content and thought leadership content. Your Company Page should spread your company’s overall message by publishing content you know your target audience will want to see.

Showcase Pages

You love your business and think of many different parts of it as equally important in their own ways, but does your audience know that? Showcase pages are for creating a distinct platform for each aspect of your business that has its own message to share with its own target audience. By giving each part of your business its own distinct voice, you can extend your LinkedIn presence to reach the audience it needs to reach.

Long-form Posts

Should you go long on LinkedIn? The answer is yes! Publishing long-form content can position you as an expert and thought leader on the subject, giving your business credibility and authenticity. Another benefit to writing your own posts is giving a chance for like-minded professionals to interact and contribute while simultaneously spreading your message. If your post becomes a hot topic of discussion it will be a trending topic where it can be distributed and recommended to a much broader audience, giving you even further reach than before!

These tools and more are part of a larger LinkedIn toolbox that can help your business grow in an impactful way. Contact us at to learn more about how to use them!

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LinkedIn for Gold

Aometimes your business grows in a monumental way from a one-time event. You make a deal with a new customer, engage a business coach, come up with the next great idea, and BOOM! Success! Well, maybe only in business fairy tales.

You may be sitting on a goldmine in your LinkedIn account. It just may take some time to mine. Here are some tips for connecting, gradually, with your contacts:

  • Message them when you have something relevant to share with them
  • Ask for their expert opinion
  • Use LinkedIn Answers – questions to spur conversation
  • Follow and interact on Twitter
  • Meet in person if possible

Need help getting started on LinkedIn? Just ask! We’re here!

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